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Portland Town Council

Portland people think their Island is rather special. It’s certainly different from the rest of Dorset. Indeed it’s difficult to think of anywhere else in the UK that compares with Portland.

Its landscape has suffered a little over the years, but then it would be difficult to remove the stone that produced St Paul’s Cathedral, London’s Wren churches, some of the capital’s other prize buildings and the headstones for the British dead in two World Wars without having some effect.

Other Portland stone has supplied the Island’s four “castles”, Rufus, Pennsylvania, the Verne and Henry VIII’s Portland Castle. Hence the castle on the Portland flag, which the Town Council has formally registered.

Portland is also justly proud of its maritime tradition and its deep-water harbour, still used by ships of the Royal Navy, but now also by cruise liners.

Maintaining the Island’s past and safeguarding the future for its townspeople are chief priorities for Portland Town Council.

Portland Community Venue (PCV)

Portland Community Venue

The PCV is now open for business.

Formerly known as the B.E.A.C.H. Project it has now been completed and available for all types of activities.

For more information please visit the PCV website at